waqas1The emergence of information networks such as the Internet has given rise to the potential for new insight and intelligence development through the targeted collection of high quality data and intelligent analysis of this information.

Organizations such as yours need to comprehend and capitalize on the value of all competitive information circulating on networks for strategic business and market decision.

There is, therefore, a growing need for professional tools that can automatically detect and analyze relevant information among the ever increasing mountains of unstructured data that resides in every organization online environment.

Today, business dynamics is that companies want to lead from the front of their competitors in cost, quality and service. Our Competitive Intelligence solution is called Com-Intel®

and is designed to provide insights to our clients’ competition as per their corporate requirements. We define, gather, analyze and drive intelligence about our clients’ products and services against their competitors. This solution is aimed at helping and supporting organizations in making strategic business & marketing decisions.

If our clients want to have answers to some typical questions about their competitors, our Competitive Intelligence solution Com-Intel® is designed to address the following kind of questions::

Product – what our competitors are selling?
If you are a bank, as an example, and would be interested in knowing which banks are offering different range of products as compared to yours?

Price – what price are our competitors charging for the same product?
If you are an insurance company, as an example, and would be interested in knowing the insurance premium other companies are charging to the same customer for the same policy?

Promotion – what promotional activities are our competitors carrying for a product similar to our product?
If you are interested in knowing, as an example, the kind of discounts & offers being offered by your competitors against the same product or service?

Place – In which markets are our competitors selling the same product?
If you are interested, as an example, in knowing the marketing geography of your competitors for the same product or service.


The information to the above queries is usually presented and driven from both Qualitative & Quantitative research approach and simple examples are illustrated as below:

Quantitative Representation: Price comparison of various products sold by various competing companies.

Qualitative Representation:
Features of one product offered by various competing companies.


Com-Intel® is our tested and matured bespoke analyzing tool which enables us to analyze and prepare intelligent reports from our clients’ competitive data that is collected by us and is driven by clients’ requirements. By importing the collected competitive data to this bespoke application, different competitive reports can be derived which are based on various criterions set by our clients. These reports are produced in an intelligent format where our clients can view the competitive weaknesses and strengths against their own product or service.

What does it solve?
The problem of having too much information stored in different places scattered across your organization. Com-Intel® solutions empowers you to be more well-informed with live and current intelligence on your competitors and helps in making more accurate business and market decisions.

How does it work?
We provide regular intelligence reports produced on our in-house Com-Intel® tool feeding the defined information and driving out competitive intelligence to drive well-informed business and market decisions. These reports are normally presented in the following formats:

  • Graphical representation
  • Tubular representation

Concluding Comments based on Competitive Intelligence


If you have requirements for any of the following, we would love to hear from you:

  • Manual or Auto collection of any kind of Live Data with your Specific Requirements.
  • Live Commercial Competitive Data that is Structured in an Easy to Analyze Format.
  • Need to put your existing data through a high level of systematic quality checking or validation.
  • Require your existing auto data collection application managed remotely or enhanced with value-add features
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