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Live Online Data Auto Collection Services

“Any Auto Data Entry Software is that automates data entry and collection results in reduced processing cost, reduced processing time and achieves accuracy of information” 

Our decade old in-house automatic data entry and collection ability developed for our auto data assignments ensures enormous savings in time and money when entering data to collect information from a public internet. This process and applications reduce human errors to a minimum resulting in an increased data quality.

By using our legacy data entry software for the purpose of Automatic Data Entry and Capture information from websites, our software automatically captures, interprets and transfers data into well-structured formats and required data attributes.

Our automatic data entry and data capture software is fully customizable to achieve a solution to fulfill our clients’ special requirements.

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If you have requirements for any of the following, we would love to hear from you:

  • Manual or Auto collection of any kind of Live Data with your Specific Requirements.
  • Live Commercial Competitive Data that is Structured in an Easy to Analyze Format.
  • Need to put your existing data through a high level of systematic quality checking or validation.
  • Require your existing auto data collection application managed remotely or enhanced with value-add features
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