“Contractual Obligation”

If you engage AMOS Global for the collection of Data to meet your specific business requirements, AMOS would be delighted to enter into contractual arrangements which may require us that your business critical data to be processed at least to a standard compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998.

AMOS Global undertakes your data privacy seriously and takes every reasonable precaution to safeguard any information that you supply to it. The information that AMOS collects on your behalf and any data that you provide to help AMOS collect data on your behalf is safeguarded under the terms of relevant rules and regulations of Data Protection

Data Protection

When AMOS is contracted for data collection services, it is aware that the services are being contracted to it as an alternative to the Client  performing such services in its own country of origin or within the premises of its own business. AMOS Global itself as well as its employees and its consultants shall perform such services to the standards required as if AMOS Global was a company operating in that country or business premises specifically as regards the licensing and protection of intellectual property, the protection of personal data, confidentiality, foreign corrupt practices, bribery and the conduct of business in general.

AMOS Global  is also obliged to take all necessary steps in structuring its business and its business methods to abide by all such laws and regulations as may be applicable in its own country

AMOS Global always undertakes to exercise appropriate security and other measures to prevent unauthorized access, accidental or unauthorized alterations, disclosure, destruction or loss of clients’ business critical data.

AMOS Global does not transfer any confidential or business critical data outside of its own business premises without the Client’s prior written consent.

AMOS Global has ensured that good systems, procedures and policies are put together to reduce any chance of data protection breach. At AMOS Global business sensitive and critical data is protected through the following in-house practices:

Data stored securely
Controlled user access levels so that only people who need access to that data can view and edit it.

Strict control on release of data to the wrong people. 
Strict control on running a security check on credentials before talking to customers about their accounts or data

Practice of pre-cautions when copying or transferring data
All data is strictly encrypted before sending it outside its business

Important data is never stored where it can be easily stolen or lost
For example, no unauthorized member of staff is allowed to store any confidential information on laptop.

AMOS Global has successfully managed to create a culture of responsibility to ensure strong business data protection through a continuous practice of training and providing guidance to all the staff so they fully understand why data protection rules matter.


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  • Manual or Auto collection of any kind of Live Data with your Specific Requirements.
  • Live Commercial Competitive Data that is Structured in an Easy to Analyze Format.
  • Need to put your existing data through a high level of systematic quality checking or validation.
  • Require your existing auto data collection application managed remotely or enhanced with value-add features
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