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Global Application Management Outsourcing Services AMOS Global© is proud to be an outsourcing wing of AbacusConsulting©, the most visionary and a progressive IT consultancy firm in its region. AMOS Global© was incorporated in 2001 with an important mission to bring cost-effective IT skills and high value data capture solutions center closer to the demand side of the developed world. AMOS Global© has consistently been engaged in achieving its mission and has been continually growing its resources, facilities and the range of its offshore data capturing services. AMOS Global© now has a fully equipped offshore back office data capture facility at Abacus House, Head Office, Lahore – Pakistan.

AMOS Global© helps clients deal with changing business and technology issues. Our relationship with clients is a partnership—we bring our experience, best practices, matured processes and tools to apply to clients’ unique data collection requirements and offer a wide range of data capture solutions. Our collaborative approach has been allowing our international clients to achieve better, faster and more sustainable results for over a decade.

With over 35 years of collective groups’ experience and a workforce of over 2,500 business consultants, IT outsourcing professionals, Application Developers and Research professionals, we are currently collaborating on some of UK’s large Data Capture outsourcing contracts. Our client companies entrust us as a results-driven business partner to solve their most complex data collection problems.

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The CEO of AMOS Global© along with his project managers and technical team, is fully responsible for co-ordinating the progress of all offshore outsourcing projects in the world and regularly travels to visit clients with his team to provide personal attention to their project details. We ensure that our clients benefit from controlled costs and services that can be adapted quickly and simply to meet changing data collection requirements or to leverage emerging technologies. We believe in partnering with our clients to manage and operate their critical data collection applications, operations and processes, leaving them free to focus on delivering to their own clients and meeting their own business imperatives.


Our Vision
To be the Global Leader in providing time tested, state-of-the-art data collection solutions backed by emerging technology solutions and provide the highest level of data quality assurance.

Mission: To provide high quality structured data suitable for making intelligent analytics driven corporate decisions

Solutions: Our decade old tried & tested legacy solutions called TeamAsset©, MacroManagementConsol©  and Com-Intel© suitable for capturing online data manually, auto scrapping and producing competitive intelligence reports for organizations anywhere in the world.

Business idea: To gather quality information according to users’ specific needs and help customers modify or update their data capture legacy applications.

Customers Credentials: Our Customers’ credentials include successful companies in a variety of industries such as Financial Services, Competitive Intelligence, Mystery Shopping, Insurance & Banking, Media & Communication, Search Marketing, Media Independents, Listing Companies, NHS Primary Care and many others.

Founded: July, 2001, as a sister company of AbacusConsulting©

Offices: Headquartered in Lahore (Pakistan) with representation in the UK.

Owners: Majority owned by AbacusConsulting©

CEO: Azhar H. Shore a.shore@amos-global.com


If you have requirements for any of the following, we would love to hear from you:

  • Manual or Auto collection of any kind of Live Data with your Specific Requirements.
  • Live Commercial Competitive Data that is Structured in an Easy to Analyze Format.
  • Need to put your existing data through a high level of systematic quality checking or validation.
  • Require your existing auto data collection application managed remotely or enhanced with value-add features
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To meet us in person and discuss your requirements in more details, please send your request to the CEO (a.shore@amos-global.com) who will be happy to visit you on a convenient date and where ever you happen to be based in the world.

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