AMOS Global© provides structured data management services.

Our mission is to collect data and create order in information collected from an ocean of knowledge by searching & filtering information according to users’ specific needs.

Founded in 2001 and with the support of an extensive industry experience of AbacusConsulting©, our partners, we at AMOS Global© continue to respond to our customers’ needs through developing our in-house customizable systems and applications. These systems & applications not only save time and money with greater data collection efficiencies but also achieve required data quality parameters..

We at AMOS Global© always try to automate the tasks of aggregating content through searching sources required by our customers, analyzing it, structuring it and finally delivering it in a required format to authorized users. We ensure that the knowledge we provide that you base your decisions is accessible faster, cost effective and be of a highest possible quality.


If you have requirements for any of the following, we would love to hear from you:

  • Manual or Auto collection of any kind of Live Data with your Specific Requirements.
  • Live Commercial Competitive Data that is Structured in an Easy to Analyze Format.
  • Need to put your existing data through a high level of systematic quality checking or validation.
  • Require your existing auto data collection application managed remotely or enhanced with value-add features
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